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What is EuroLove?


Eurolove is a social dating network where you can find friends from almost every country in the world or your partner for life!

In addition, there are many other sensational features, such as 27 virtual chat rooms where you can meet friends in real 3D environments (cinema, Mars, jungle, seabed, asteroid and many more), as well as 13 world-famous online games (3D chess, four wins, space maze, sink ships, magic dice...), where you can play and have fun with people from all over the world. A fantastic live experience!

At Eurolove, there are not hundred thousands of false profiles, as is the case with many other dating or friendship portals, because we really want you to find your better half! Start now, Eurolove is one of the fastest-growing online dating and friendship sites and is waiting for you!

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Code of Conduct


Our biggest interest is that you enjoy Eurolove, therefore we ask you to read our code of conduct as well as our Terms and Conditions.

What can I do on Eurolove?

A) Become a free member and create your profile: On Eurolove you can find friends and partners from more than 86 countries. Registering is free and fast, and you can benefit from many other services at no cost.

B) Upload your profile details: Your success largely depends on the information in your profile, so we recommend that you publish original texts and interesting pictures. Likewise, you should complete your profile in order to increase your chances.

C) Take advantage of our platform: You can use all the features offered on Eurolove to increase your chances of success. Our programmers are constantly working on improving and developing other interesting features to make Eurolove even more attractive in the future.

What is not allowed at Eurolove?

A) Do not post any offensive, aggressive or racist information (text and images) that could be affect other users.

B) Do not harass another Eurolove members! There will always be someone who will be interested in you, so don´t give up.

C) Do not send spam messages to other Eurolove users.

D) Eurolove is not a community that offers ilegal services! Users will be blocked immediately.

E) Do not post false information or lies. You alone can be held responsible.

F) Do not attempt to hack the Eurolove platform or another user's account as it could be punishable and fined or even imprisoned.

At Eurolove, we have created and established standards with the aim of guaranteeing a smooth and respectful communication process within the Eurolove community. For this reason, it is very important that you always comply with all our terms and conditions.

Our biggest wish is to create a pleasant environment for all members on Eurolove.

Complaint or dissatisfaction?

For any complaint or dissatisfaction, please use our contact form.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


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Real 3D environments by EuroLove


27 chat rooms + 13 online games

Chat with your friends, meet new people in real 3D environments (cinema, Mars, jungle...) and play world famous online games (3D chess, four wins, space maze, ship sinking, magic dice...). A fantastic live experience!



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